Buy an 'I'm Kicking On To Kick Out Covid' T- shirt

Get Riding......

We know that lockdown has been frustrating for many people and horse riders can't wait to be able to enjoy their passion to the full, getting out riding, competing and fully enjoying their horses.

Our 'I'm Kicking On To Kick Out Covid' campaign recognises this and is designed to enable us to support some causes dear to our heart in a fun way, whilst enjoying our passion of equestrianism.


 Help save Riding Schools.....

As many of us learnt to ride at riding schools, they hold a special place in our heart. ' I'm Kicking On To Kick Out Covid' will be donating to the BHS  Coronavirus campaign to help out riding schools that are struggling to pay the bills and to help make a difference to some in these difficult times.

Support the NHS....

The NHS have done, and continue to do an amazing job in the fight against Covid, but all donations help and 'I'm Kicking On To Kick Out Covid' will be donating to the NHS.

By buying a T -shirt...

For every  T- shirts or item bought  in  'I'm Kicking On To Kick out Covid' campaign, a donation will be made  to the BHS helping riding schools and NHS. Further, we will add this to the monies raised by people and clubs who are setting up 'Kick On To Kick Out Covid' challenges.


So'Kick On To      Kick Out Covid'

From those who have just bought one T shirt to individuals  with personal quests or clubs who will raise hundreds  of pounds with sponsored  rides, shows, hunter trials or other activities where everyone gets a T shirt and a rosette we believe we can make a difference
Why not raise more funds  for the BHS & NHS ?
You could set yourself your own personal challenge or set up an event 
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We recognise that some people object to the use of the word / term  'kick' as it is inappropriate to kick a horse and as riders we squeeze, or nudge to communicate. However as it is common parlance  to 'kick on' to get a job done we hope you will understand why the campaign has adopted this slogan.